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We are responsible for our own negligence; we assume no responsibility for any loss or damage caused by an act of God, an act of public enemy, or any and all other causes beyond our control.  Our responsibility is further limited to the minimum Released Value Insurance requirement in Virginia of $0.60 per pound, no more than $50 per article, with a $250 deductible.  We offer no additional insurance to be purchased.  In the event of a truck breakdown, accident, or traffic; we hold no responsibility for any loss of wages, fines, hotel rental, car rental, or any other related expense.



Live animals, eggs, fish, plants, flowers, or other property of perishable nature will not be covered.



All personal items must be fully packed in boxes, totes, or bags before the arrival of the moving crew.  We hold no responsibility for the contents of open drawers or open containers.



We are not responsible for the mechanical functions of radios, phonographs, clocks, appliances, or any other electrical device.



All items including but not limited to glass, mirror, marble, paintings, and other similar articles should be properly packed/created by the customer and we will assume no responsibility for damages.



We will be providing moving pads, shrink wrap, and tape to protect all of the fragile furniture items and we will be using extreme caution while moving over sized items through restricted areas; however all floors, walls banisters, ceilings, doors, or hallways must be protected by the customer and we will assume no responsibility for damage to any home, office, or other property.