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All personal items must be fully packed and ready to go before our arrival.  We hold no responsibility for the contents of drawers, containers, and other items of similar nature. 

Items of extroidinary value such as precious metals or stones, jewelry, watches and numismatic properties should be transported by the customer. Papers such as accounting bills, evidence of debt, letters of credit, passport, deeds, money, notes, securities, philatelic properties, drafts, stocks, drawings, blueprints, or similar documents should be transported by the customer as well. 

We only provide padded moving blankets and shrink wrap for the furniture itself.  If nessecary, preparation of walls, ceilings, floors, or banisters must be done by the customer before our arrival.

The customer is responsible for making any and all arrangements with the apartment complex, home association, or evelevator reservation. 

It is the customers right and duty to inspect the box and cab of the truck after the move is completed to insure no items have been left behind by mistake.